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Yachts satisfy wants more than fulfilling needs.

Nonetheless they do represent an investment. Heavy ticket items that unavoidably depreciate as time goes by. For us in North Star Yachting, having "been there done that" multiple times, we know what to propose so as to optimise the intended usage to the optimum investment profile.

Dual purpose yachts, utilised both for Charter and "private" use for the Principal Investor/Owner during her lay days are out there operating year round in two or more Oceans. Most important of the benefits is that they can enjoy the creme de la creme of crew and Michelin Star chefs for themsleves and their Charter Guests, all with other peoples money...

Our only "problem" ; seems to be that we have overplayed the "perfect" selection process, achieving full employment for the yacht, which on the other hand leaves not many lay days for the Owner...

A happy unavailability for them, most of the times it seems....

NSY Sells Exclusively Superyachts, valued over €10 Million and Charters Exclusively Yachts of the

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