The Perfect Yacht

There is no such thing as the perfect yacht. There is the yacht that perfectly matches your needs at a particular moment in your life.

Luckily the yachtbuilding industry has grown and advanced to accommodate every taste, budget and scope of supply.

The reason our company prefers not be restrained to any one builder is that we know that this gives our esteemed clients the best choice among the best in the yachting industry.

Having sold and built a vast number of new builds, gives us the round knowledge to excel in every step of the process.

From selection, to negotiation, contract drafting, building supervision, owner's choices consulting, choice of primary and secondary equipment, materials choice, water toys and entertainments lists, as well as those little things that will give your yacht the X factor!

Have you ever imagined diving to a depth of 100 feet while sipping your Martini in your yacht's main salon? We can do it with our purposely fit ROV's!

Imagine yourself hovering 1,000ft over your yacht via a camera equipped multicopter - again from the comfort of your sofa. No fear of heights will ever be an obstacle! We can and have delivered those and more!

There are no limits to where our distilled expertise can escort you to!

NSY Sells Exclusively Superyachts, valued over €10 Million and Charters Exclusively Yachts of the

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